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Entry #6

Bloody kids

2009-02-02 11:00:07 by silverbackjack

damn kid broke my graphics tablet....
I hate kids


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2009-02-02 11:33:07

Fucking snotty little shits.

There was this brat in my house yesterday, of whom went missing. I go upstairs, and the little fucker was eating my chocolate digestives, while trying to get on my bed and leaving fucking smudges all over the place.

silverbackjack responds:

i hope you give him a good slap


2009-02-02 13:40:20

My god. I hate that people think just cause i'm a girl i like kids. Fucking little wankers. They need a good smack. Worked for me.

silverbackjack responds:

yeah we should just sell the kids to mc donalds for burger meat