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Bloody kids

2009-02-02 11:00:07 by silverbackjack

damn kid broke my graphics tablet....
I hate kids

I have inspiration after a long mental block..
I think working helped me to think of something new to make...
I've scrapped the diablo parody idea I dont think it was getting anywhere. I didnt write a script and my voice acting was poor to say the least... soooo
Ive decided to try again but create something unique...
Cheese and beef will be a series that follows two characters (cheese and beef) protagonists if you will, in their hopeless atempts to stop the world being destroyed in the hands of the evil Pickle!
I have already scripted most of the first episode but im stuck on an ending..
I know it will be a long and painful task but im sure the finished product will be something i can be proud of...
Keep your eyes open


2008-08-24 09:49:55 by silverbackjack

why can i never add a gif or jpg to my flash submisions it always gives a different error message whatever i try

It begins
a saga in which three selfless heroes battle against the evil lord of terror himself Diablo.
After alot of thought and consideration i have decided to create a saga of games loosely based on
the best seller from blizzard...
the demo has been subbmitted and deppending on the comments left i will develop the plot and game new levels of sarcasm and insult will be added so keep your eyes open for
Diablo! Lord of Parody

damn the blam

2008-08-18 07:25:58 by silverbackjack

Ok so my flash animations keep getting blammed maybe i should spend more time on them


2008-08-12 18:40:41 by silverbackjack

Wow I made my first flash video isnt that special